SOS Tamils
World wide Campagin to save Tamils from     GENOCIDE IN SRILANKA
To:- Heads of States
From:- Good Citizens of all States and Nations 
Petition Campagin to save Tamils from Genocide in Srilanka
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Good citizens of all Countries and Nations,

Please sign the petition requesting world leaders
intervention to stop deteriorating human tragedy and
Genocide of Tamils in Srilanka

Please sign the petition by clicking Link below

We are aiming at least 100, 000 signatures.

Advice, comments and volunteers are urgently needed for the success of this project.
Please help for the success of this project to save lives.

Please tell about this campagin to all your contacts ,  not only tamils BUT TO ALL
****We are not collecting money from any body****
Thank you.


21 Jan 2007